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Men and women with ADHD may find dating and relationships more challenging than their counterparts. 

Some people with ADHD hyper-fixate on a relationship which makes them come on very strong, very fast and intimate a potential partner. Other people see relationships fizzle out because they struggle to express their interest in their partner.

If you struggle with some of these common issues, an ADHD Dating Coach may be right for you:

  • A hard time finding someone to date.
  • Avoiding dating due to sexual dysfunction as it relates to ADHD. 
  • Difficulty staying in a relationship.
  • Difficulty with the organizational skills dating and relationships require.
  • Insecurity or low self-esteem. 
  • Fear of disclosing your ADHD with new dating partners.

Help for ADHD Dating from Coach and Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, David Fishman

ADHD Dating from Coach and Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, David Fishman

David has a lot of experience working with people with ADHD as a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and AASECT Certified Sex Therapist.

As someone who suffers from ADHD himself, David is well aware of the ways ADHD can make it difficult to form a bond.  He can help you build the confidence you need to find a dating partner and build a romantic relationship.

As your dating coach, David will help you to see the unique, positive qualities you can bring to prospective partners. 

You can manage your ADHD symptoms and feel more confident dating.
We can help.

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Your ADHD Dating Coach will help with:

  1. Building Your Confidence. Explore and accentuate your top personal qualities without ignoring the issues you may face with your ADHD. PLUS you’ll be able to accept your ADHD without shame or fear of disclosure. 
  2. Finding Your Person.  Explore possible avenues to find someone special.
  3. Finding Your Pace. Understand how moving too quickly, or slowly, can turn prospective dating partners off. 
  4. Regulate. Recognize and manage extreme emotions that can turn partners off.
  5. Hone in Organizational Skills. Developing the skills to be on-time, present and to show consideration. 
  6. Keeping the Momentum. find ways to stay interested in a relationship when you find someone you care about and teach you tools to help regulate your emotions.


You deserve to find happiness with a romantic partner and have success in dating.

Working with an Dating Coach can help you to find, and keep, the relationship you want.

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