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Has sex with your partner lost its appeal?
Do you feel your relationship lacks passion?


Navigating sexual issues in a relationship can be intimidating to talk about, especially if you’re no longer attracted to your partner, or worry they are not attracted to you. That’s why sex therapy for couples is focused on the sexual part of your relationship. 

We understand that problems in the bedroom have a direct impact on the health of a relationship, so we work to strengthen the intimacy and connection between you and your partner.

In other words, the better the sex, the happier a relationship or marriage you will have.

Couples sex therapy might right for you if your relationship suffers from the following:

  • The sex between you and your partner is unfulfilling and disconnected.
  • Infidelity occurred and one or both of you are feeling betrayed and hurt.
  • ADHD or mental health issues impact your sexual relationship.
  • You just had a child and are struggling to regain the sexual intimacy you used to enjoy before the birth of your children.
  • You no longer see your partner in a romantic light.
  • You and your partner want to try new things sexually but not sure how or what to do.
  •  Discrepancy in sexual desire.
  •  You are troubled or frightened by aspects of each other’s sexuality, including fantasy or desires.
  • You or your partner are experiencing a sexual dysfunction causing a disruption in your sex life.
  • You rarely or never engage sexually with your partner.

We help couples just like you build stronger, more passionate relationships.

Couples sex therapy can help resolve your issues by:

  • Rebuilding the loving and passionate sexual connection you once enjoyed with your partner.
  • Working through issues that undermine trust and sexual desire.
  • Improving skills in the bedroom, allowing for better sexual experiences.
  • Learning ways to be connected during sex with your partner.
  • Navigate asexuality or general disinterest in sex of one partner.
  • Setting healthy boundaries and expectations
  • Teaching self-awareness in regards to ADHD by understanding the behavior, wants and needs of all partners involved.
  • Develop emotional intimacy and vulnerability.
  • If a partner has ADHD or suffers with their mental health, sex therapy will help you understand each other’s expectations and sexual desire better.

Many therapists offer couples counseling, but sex therapy for couples offers more

We use a holistic approach to couples sex therapy, utilizing meditation, mindfulness, and psychotherapy techniques that are uniquely designed to help you move beyond the conflicts sinking your relationship.

Our ASSECT Certified sex therapists have extensive training and experience working with relationships and sexual issues that make us uniquely qualified to help you rebuild your relationship


If you worry that your sex life is missing something, find out how couples sex therapy can start improving your life both in and out of the bedroom. Start building confidence, and enjoying healthier, stronger relationships today!

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