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The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting everyone differently, but there’s no doubt it’s creating an emotional toll. At CHMHST, it’s our goal to help you manage any anxiety you may be experiencing and find a more positive outlook.

We’ve put together a series of free resources to support people in different situations during the COVID-19 isolation.

heart icon: 6 Ways To Save Your Relationship During COVID-19

6 Ways To Save Your Relationship During COVID-19

While it can be comforting to have a partner to share the isolation with, it can also feel suffocating to spend so much time with one person. Little annoyances suddenly become the basis for big fights, and the pressure of struggling with your relationship creates even more anxiety.

To help combat any friction you may be experiencing with your partner, we put together a collection of tips to help you keep your relationship healthy in the midst of COVID-19.

left icon: 10 Ways to Combat Loneliness During COVID-19

10 Ways to Combat Loneliness During

Everyone feels lonely sometimes, but the physical separation caused by COVID-19 can intensify those feelings and start you on a downward spiral toward depression.

It’s important to stay healthy – both mentally and
physically – during the pandemic, so we’ve gathered an assortment of strategies to help combat loneliness and boost your mood.

Free Therapy Sessions for People on the Front Lines

If your job is considered an essential service, you’re experiencing an entirely different set of pressures than people who are isolated at home.

Keeping up with the demands of your job, while facing the risk of infection takes an emotional toll.

First, we want to say thank you for the work you’re doing. We appreciate it more than you can ever know. To show our gratitude, we’d like to provide you with an outlet for your anxieties and any emotional trauma you may be experiencing.

Please take advantage of three free 25-minute sessions to share your concerns and perhaps learn some coping and relaxation skills. Out of respect for the busy schedule you’re keeping, these sessions will be deliberately short, so you may take them on a break, or as a way to unwind at the end of your shift.

Regardless of your situation, or anxieties, CHMHST is here to help. Online appointments are available.

The Center for Holistic Mental Health and Sex Therapy is pleased to accept the following  insurance

Cigna Health Insurance

blue cross blue shield insurance

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