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Summer is finally here! Research shows that getting outside can improve your mood, reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and more. There’s no better way to connect with your partner than to enjoy some fresh air and Vitamin D together! 

No matter if you’re just starting a new relationship, or have been together for years, a unique date can help keep that spark going. Plus, being loving to your partner can lead to more sex, so it’s a win-win.

See an Outdoor Movie: Drive-in movies or movies in the park are a fun way to cuddle up with your partner in a new setting. Pro tip: surprise your partner by bringing their favorite snack for the perfect ambiance. 

Go For a Hike or Walk: Getting outside doesn’t have to be complicated. If you live close to hiking trails, maybe challenge yourself to reach the top! If hiking isn’t your thing, a nice early morning walk is the perfect way to connect with your partner without any technology. 

Try New Restaurants: It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to food. Ordering the same food from the same places. One night, switch it up! Order something new for the menu or try different cuisines. You have to take advantage of patio seating while the weather is nice!

Take a Road Trip: Pack up and hit the road! Find a hidden gem not too far or head off on an entirely new adventure. 

Visit An Amusement Park: Amusement parks are filled with people, food, and excitement! Having fun, and playing with your partner is a building block to intimacy. 

Outdoor Exercise Class: Look in your local area for outdoor exercise classes. Lots of businesses like to run promotions in the summer, so you might even get a great deal – or even better – it might be free!

Run A Race: Training and reaching a goal together can help you create a deeper connection with your partner. BONUS: Sometimes the snacks and drinks at the end of the race are the best part. 

Watch the Sunrise: Are you an early riser? Make some coffee or tea and get outside to enjoy the sun coming up to start your day off right. 

Go To A Baseball Game: Even if you’re not a baseball fan, baseball games are fun. They’re great for relaxing, eating, drinking, and cheering on the home team. 

Wine Tasting: Explore local wineries in your area. Having a few glasses of wine in a beautiful setting will help bring some flirty fun into your relationship. 

Go To A Festival: Whether it’s a music festival or fair selling local goods, get outside! 

Volunteer: Paint a fence, build a house, serve food. Giving back helps others but also, selfishly, makes us feel better about ourselves. 

Stargaze: Drive out to where the stars are bright! Get a blanket and sit and watch them shine.

Be a Tourist In Your City: Check out the local spots you usually avoid. It can be fun to see your city in a completely different light!

Try an Adventure Sports Date: Go kayaking, rock climbing, skydiving, jet-skiing, or ride a bike! Even if you’ve never done anything like it, you’ll have fun experiencing new things with your partner. 

A Food or Bar Crawl: Map out the best food trucks, restaurants, or bars in your area and get to work trying them all. 

I hope these help inspire you to try some new dates this summer! 

If you’re having trouble keeping the spark alive, we’d love to chat. Schedule an appointment today and let’s get you out of that rut!

David Fishman

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