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As the country will emerge from a post-pandemic world, some things will go back to the way they were, but some of the changes COVID-19 brought us are here two stay. 

Here are two changes in the dating scene that we believe are here to stay.

1. Video dating: the new normal

As we spoke about previously, a video date is a perfect first date, as it is entirely safe, and brings a new level of honesty to online dating, since no one can hide behind a 10-year-old picture.  Beyond that there are a bunch of other reasons why every “blind” date should become a Zoom date.

Easy Exit

If your date flops, you can simply end the call, rather than hiding in the bathroom. 

No investment required

When you meet someone in person you are likely investing time (getting ready and traveling to the location), and money (paying for drinks or an Uber ride). 

Sure you may spruce yourself up before turning on the camera, but you won’t worry about being over-dressed or under-dressed, nor will you be rushing through traffic to make it.

Time becomes your friend

If you’re meeting someone in person, you’ll likely feel obligated to stay for 30-60 minutes. Yet the truth is that it only takes five minutes to decide if you are romantically attracted to someone. That means you could spend a lot of your date counting the seconds until it’s socially acceptable to leave.

On the other hand, it’s perfectly acceptable to schedule a 15-minute video date. And if it ends early, no one is put out.

Easy to schedule

If you have a busy schedule, finding time to date can be difficult, yet most of us can find 15 minutes to chat and find out if it really is worthwhile to carve out a larger chunk of your schedule. 

You can play the numbers

Because video dates are so simple, you might be willing to swipe right more often. By increasing your dating pool, you are increasing the chances of meeting someone that you’ll really hit it off with.

Calmer Nerves = Better first impressions

Let’s be honest: dating is nerve-wracking. You worry what to wear; you wonder if you’re ordering something too expensive. You worry about what to say.

If you’re a bundle of nerves, the conversation may not flow easily. Worse, you may fumble at the table and spill your drink, turning an already awkward situation into an excruciating one.

Most of that anxiety goes away with a video date. And since you’ll be in your own space, you’re more likely to be comfortable and let your real personality shine. 

2. The No-Cost First Date

One of the most awkward parts of dating is paying the bill. Should you offer to pay? Should you split it? We believe that when you meet for the first time, no one should pay the bill. 

Taking the money of the equation removes a lot of the pressure of dating, so try one of these ideas:

  • Go for a walk in a public area
  • Go for a hike
  • Go for a swing on the playground of a park 
  • Visit the national zoo
  • Get a blanket and play games in a park

Bonus: as we emerge from isolation, some people are going to be more comfortable in open, outdoor spaces, rather than going indoors. By meeting outside, you don’t have to worry about COVID-related anxieties and can focus on enjoying each other’s company.

Have more questions about dating in a post-pandemic world? Contact us today!

David Fishman

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