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Fall In Love: Fall Is Great Time To Fall In LoveFall is a great time of year. I love the fall, it is my favorite season. Fall brings football, hockey, cool weather, and a great opportunity to find a lover. I am not sure if it’s getting back to work after summer vacations, the holidays coming up, or the cooler temperatures that drive people to turn the heat up in the bedroom, but fall is a very romantic time of the year. It’s a time of change and I think people see the end of the year and really want companionship. So to help everyone find that new fall love I am providing tips on how to go fishing with success this fall.


1)    Change your look

Changing your look has nothing to do how beautiful you are or how attractive you are to a person you have “the hots” for, but it does affect our confidence. After a while we tire of looking at the same look when see ourselves in the mirror. We begin to stop noticing our beauty as we see the same person in the mirror everyday. A new look is like an adrenaline shot straight to ones self-confidence because the next time you look at yourself you are going to be “like wow who is that hotie” in the mirror. As a result, you may feel a bit more confident and that can mean the difference between going home with him or her tonight or you going home alone.


2)   Fix your profile online or sign up for online dating

If you are not online, you need to be. I know the horror stories and the reputation online dating has but so many people meet online. I think the reason people have such bad experiences lies in their profile and how they go about online dating, but that’s a subject for another blog. So update your profile and make it pop so the frogs hop by and your prince or princess stops at your profile to say hi.


3)   Balance the inner masculine and feminine

We must strengthen that inner marriage of the feminine and masculine to allow us to connect with ourselves to love ourselves. The right person finds us when we find an inner peace, love, and acceptance. Consciousness is also strengthened, allowing for a person to become more in tune with themselves and a prospective partner. Lastly, it allows a person to be present with that person and can impact a person in so many positive ways making that person feel special, attractive, and interesting. The energy people create when they are so in tune can crank up the heat between them both during the date and the after party.


4)   Adventure out your Comfort zone

Get out of your comfort zone if you want to meet new people. The reason, it may seem, you are meeting the same people over and over again is that you are meeting the same people over and over again. It is rare to meet new people among your circle of friends and normal social activities because it’s hard for new people to break into a social group. Be that new person and find new social avenues because you are guaranteed rooms full of new people, one of whom could be that diamond you have been looking for. This is how I met my wife. We met at my very first DCJCC event, an event way out of my comfort zone and an event I went to on a whim.


5)   Take care of your body

Taking care of your body means getting into shape and making sure you are healthy. Research shows that the healthier and more fertile we appear the more attractive we appear to a perspective lover. I don’t mean lose weight unless your weight is adversely affecting your health. I mean eat better, exercise, see a doctor and dentist, and especially quit smoking. A person once said to me that only few people are attracted to smokers, but the majority of people are attracted to non-smokers (even the smokers). Smoking does two things: it makes you unhealthy and gives you bad body odor and it also constricts blood vessels and thus constricting blood flow even to the penis and the vagina.


6)   Be brave in face of rejection and ask the person out

Wayne Gretzky, the greatest scorer in hockey history, once said, “You miss a 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.” He means that scoring goals in the NHL is a numbers game and the more shots you take the more you score. Dating is the same way. If you don’t ask someone out, you struck yourself out before you got into the batter’s box. So go for it! Ask the person out; you have nothing to lose but stand a chance to gain everything. Women, it’s time to put the myth that it’s up to the guy to invite a woman on a date.  It’s ok for a woman to ask a guy out on dates. In fact, speaking as a guy, I loved it when a girl asked me out. You could be missing the man of your dreams because of a stupid dying social convention. If you like someone, ask them out. It’s that simple because you could be missing out on a great person.

I hope these tips are helpful in finding a new love this fall. I would love for everyone out there to start the new year with a kiss from a person they love. Good hunting!

David Fishman

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