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There’s little doubt we’ve experienced massive behavioral shifts as a society in response to the pandemic. Social distancing, for example, has accelerated the adoption rate of video conferencing in all aspects of our lives – business and personal. As a matter of fact, it is changing the way we date and that’s a good thing.

Video Dating Skyrockets

You may have thought online dating was already huge, but it’s been growing by leaps and bounds during the isolation. Long-established dating apps like Tinder have seen more engagement in a single day during the COVID-19 pandemic, than in their entire pre-pandemic history. But what’s really skyrocketing are the dating apps that allow for face-to-face communication.

Video First Dates Lift the Veil in a Safe Space

Right now a video date may be your only option, but we happen to think all first dates should take place on video. Here’s why:

  • Upfront Honesty – There’s no bait and switch here. No leveraging a photo from ten years ago. No filters. No manufactured responses. You get a current, real-time read on each other’s appearance, countenance and personality.
  • Stronger Compatibility Signals – When you text or talk on the phone, you miss out on body language – something that makes up 70% of our communication. Switching to video communication lets you see include visual cues, and provides a far stronger gauge on mutual attraction, interest and chemistry.
  • Saved Face – Setting eyes on someone for the first time can be nerve-racking as there’s a level of vulnerability in play on a first date. Having your first encounter over video mitigates some anxiety and the potential awkwardness amplified by the discovery of a mismatch in the public arena.
  • Easy Exit – Meeting over video requires no planning in selecting a safe, public location for the first date. And, perhaps more importantly, there’s no need to come up with an exit plan, if the date flops or you’re concerned for your safety.

Ending an uncomfortable first date is as simple as ending your video connection (and then maybe changing your meeting password!). The person of concern quickly disappears into the virtual universe and you can get on with your day.

The Economics of Dating

Beyond the time spent on getting to know someone, dating can be a financial investment – transportation expenses, dinner and drinks add up quickly, especially in the beginning stages.

Video chats not only help you determine if the person you’ve connected with is worth your time, but also worth the expense you’re willing to invest to get to know them.

Screening While You’re Screening

Dating is an interview process – a candidate screening, of sorts. And while it’s important to recognize there are a lot of factors still in play that you can only gain a sense for in-person, video chats allow for the delivery of many more sensory cues, compared to phone calls alone. You’re better equipped when screening through the screen. 

Seeing a human face, seeing who they are and reading their body language is far more impactful than simply hearing their voice. Even after society re-opens, we’re hopeful “screening” on the first date is here to stay.

Need help navigating video dating?Contact us today or check out Four Video Dates to Ignite a New Relationship.

David Fishman

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