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Is ADHD impacting your sex life?
Are sexual issues impacting your ability to form and maintain intimate relationships?


You are not alone. ADHD affects life in many ways, and your sex life is no different.

Sexual dysfunction can be more common among men with ADHD than those without ADHD. Problems may arise from:

  •  Low sex-drive or lack of interest for sex.
  • A preoccupation for sex that adversely affects your life.
  •  Medication side-effects that impact your sex life.
  • ADHD symptoms that affect your relationships and sex life.
  • Conflict with a partner.

Talking about these issues can feel embarrassing, but without help, men often suffer in silence. This can lead to  insecurity for both you and your partner. 

Sex therapy for men is designed to address the unique problems that men face, both in and out of the bedroom.

Are you having trouble with any of these problems?

  • Having difficulty focusing on your body/sensations during sex, distracted by internal or external stimuli. 
  • Difficulty holding attention on your partner’s desires and following through on sexual requests.
  • Sexual encounters seem disconnected, shallow, and unfulfilling.
  • Having trouble getting or maintaining an erection.
  • Suffering from premature ejaculation.
  • Embarrassment about your body.
  • Struggling to regain trust after an infidelity.
  • Been the victim of sexual or domestic violence.
  • Feel shame or guilt about your sexuality, lifestyle, orientation, gender, desires, and fantasies, or those of your partner/s.
  • Hypersensitivity that feels like too much and/or uncomfortable, including sensitivity to smells, touch or taste.
  • Trouble getting in the mood for sex or to become relaxed enough for sex.
  • Having difficulty trusting or being emotionally intimate.
  • Obsessive compulsions with sex or sexual fantasies. 
  • Risky sexual behavior.

Intimacy Extends Outside of the Bedroom

Men with ADHD may find dating and relationships more challenging than their counterparts.
Sex therapy for men can help with these common issues:

  • Hyper fixation on a new relationship- coming on very strong, very fast.
  • A hard time finding someone to date.
  • Avoiding dating due to sexual dysfunction. 
  • Difficulty staying in a relationship.
  • Being misunderstood by a partner due to organizational or time skills.
  • Insecurity and emotional dysregulation that makes you feel emotions more strongly.
  • Fear of disclosing your ADHD with new dating partners.

We aim not to change your sexuality, but help you learn to enjoy it without guilt, shame, or anxiety. 

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Sex Therapy for Men Can Help


We can help you build confidence in yourself and your ability to please your partner.
At the Center for Holistic Mental Health and Sex Therapy, we help to work with your differences, rather than against them.

We can help you feel confident in the bedroom and develop a satisfying sex and romantic life for you and your partner, or help you to build confidence to date successfully.

  • Teach you techniques to improve performance, increase or decrease sensitivity, reduce anxiety, control ejaculation, and improve your overall sexual experience.
  • Repair your relationship with yourself and your partner/s by improving communication, pleasure, and understanding.
  • Help you to prioritize a healthy sex and romantic life. 
  • Accept all parts of yourself: your ADHD, your body, and your sexuality in order to improve your self-confidence both in and out of the bedroom.
  • Resolve traumas and help you to move forward in your life.
  • Work on impulsivity as it relates to sex, dating and relationships. 
  • Find strategies to cope with Adult ADHD.

Sex therapy for men has been proven effective in treating sexual issues
even when medication does not work


Find out more about how sex therapy for men can start improving your life both in and out of the bedroom. Build confidence and enjoy healthier, stronger relationships today!

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