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What is Sex Therapy for Men? How can Sex Therapy help you?

Sex therapy is just like traditional psychotherapy but we focus on treating clients with personal sexual and intimate sexual relationship difficulties.

At CHMHST, we embrace sexuality and nothing is taboo. We believe and value sexuality as not only part of life but as an important part of the human experience. We see sexuality as part of a person, as a major part of our identity and personality. We believe, that in order to be happy, we must break the chains that imprison our sexuality.

Through sex therapy for men, we help our clients:

  • Rid themselves of cultural, psychological, and emotional driven inhibitions and blocks that are preventing them from relaxing and enjoying sex.
  • Enjoy sex and feel deserving of such pleasure.

We understand the pressure to perform as a man and as a lover can crush sexual arousal and cause a man to avoid sex, have erection difficulties, ejaculation difficulties, and even a loss of sensation.

We can help you change from the task oriented high pressure sex we are taught is normal to a pleasure based oriented sex that focuses on what feels good and the overall experience rather then the 10 second orgasm.

As a result, men stop worrying about performance and begin to focus on sensation. The more you focus on your sensation the rest just happens.

What issues does Sex Therapy for Men help with?

Sex therapy can help any man dealing with a less than satisfying sex life or sexual dysfunction.

Human sexual response is very complex, affecting the whole body, including the mind. We place so much stress on the pressure to preform, get erect, orgasm, and ejaculation. At the same time, worrying to make sure your partner does at the same time. We must react like a light switch and flip the switch in a moment to be ready for sex.

At CHMHST, we believe in spreading a different message and changing the focus to what’s really important: the experience and the pleasure. We strive for a sexual experience free from all that pressure and anxiety, freeing a man to achieve the maxim pleasurable experience not only with a partner but alone as well.

How can talk therapy improve my sexual functioning?

For many men, the mental and emotional troubles can lead to sexual issues like:

  • Avoidance
  • Unsatisfactory sex
  • Low desire
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Delayed ejaculation
  • Addictive sexual behaviors

The ability to perform sexually is often tied to one’s ability to handle the emotions of sex. Sexual arousal should have many feelings but fear should not be one of them.

For men, the fear of going flaccid, ejaculating too quickly or taking too long, not pleasing their partner, and being bad in bed is removing the pleasure from sex. As a result, we are living in our heads ignoring the present and missing the fullness of the experience.

At CHMHST we work to remove the fear from sex. We believe sex is about bonding and pleasure as much as reproduction.  We work to reshape emotions and the sexual experience to focus on your pleasure and your partner, rather then fear and automatic negative thoughts.

What is holistic sex therapy?

Holistic sex therapy is a form of psychotherapy that integrates many different types of therapies including:

  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • Emotional and cognitive based talk therapies

We help men focus on what is important in sex; things like presence and pleasure rather than performance and function. We do this by getting a man out of his head in bed, connect his mind to the sensations in his body and on their partner/s.

To experience a satisfying sex life, we need to feel unconditional love for ourselves and to do that, we must embrace and accept the parts we loath about ourselves. Only then, can we be whole enough to find a solution to the issues impacting our sex life.

How long will therapy take?

Therapy is a process that takes time. On average, six months is about the length of time a client takes to achieve their goals. Six months is only an estimated average based on past experience.

How long therapy takes is really up to you and how much you need to work on to achieve your overall goals. Some people could take years while others need just a few sessions.

Therapy is a process but is highly effective in treating sexual issues.

What’s the benefit of seeing a sex therapist compared to a couples or individual therapist?

At CHMHST, we have specialized training and depth of knowledge about sex and relationships that all other therapist do not have. We also know the science of sexuality and keep up with sexual research in order to provide you with the most knowledgeable therapeutic experience.

Male sexual function is one of the many areas we are experts in. CHMHST therapists have been trained to understand and help our male clients not only regain their function and sensation but free their mind of anxiety that they will not be able to perform each time they have sex.

Talking about sex can be embarrassing and difficult, how can you make me feel more comfortable?

Sex is not a topic many men feel comfortable with and when it comes to their own sexuality it’s even harder and scarier to talk about. Who wants to tell anyone that they cannot get an erection, keep one, or that they ejaculate the second they are touched?

At CHMHST we understand the full spectrum of human sexual behavior no matter a person’s kinks, lifestyle, gender or orientation. We understand the pain and frustrations that sexual difficulties bring and are sensitive to the fact that we are dealing with the most secret and sensitive of topics people have.

No matter the sexual issue you are facing we want you to know we are experts in treating such emotionally charged subjects with the utmost care and sensitivity. We respect your limits and will always have comfort in mind.


Find out more about how sex therapy for men can start improving your life both in and out of the bedroom, by building confidence, and enjoying healthier, stronger relationships today!

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