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What is Sex Therapy for Women? How can Sex Therapy help you?

Sex therapy is traditional psychotherapy but focused on treating women with a wide variety of personal sexual and intimate difficulties.

Science has shown sex is important part of a person’s health, both physically and emotionally.

Women have it rough sexually with unreasonable expectations of beauty, slut shaming, sexual violence, and general ignorance about women’s bodies and sexuality. As a result, women face oppression both in and out of the bedroom causing women to have less then satisfying sex lives and struggle with desire, pain, and orgasm.

At CHMHST, we help our female clients rid themselves of cultural, psychological, trauma, and emotional blocks that prevent a person from truly enjoying sex.

Trauma, both sexual and non-sexual, can impact a person sexually by limiting a person’s ability to express and experience emotion (sexual dysfunction can be caused by emotional and cognitive reasons). Issues like negative beliefs about sex and sex acts or a negative body image hinders a person ability to freely express their erotic potential.

We help our clients enjoy sex and feel deserving of such pleasure while working through the issues and traumas disrupting their live both in and out of the bedroom.

What is holistic sex therapy?

Holistic sex therapy is a form of psychotherapy that integrates many different types of therapies include:

  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • emotional and cognitive based talk therapies


Holistic sex therapy is geared to help women reframe the sexual experience from the orgasm-driven sex most of seek to sex based on what feels good from start to finish.

We help people focus on pleasure rather then how good you are in bed or whether you will orgasm or not. As a result, people are more energized and desire sex for their themselves because it’s fun, not a chore or an obligation to their partner. After all play, pleasure, and presence is what great sex is all about.

What issues can Sex Therapy for women help with?

Sex therapy can help any women dealing with any issue leading to a less than satisfying sex life or a sexual dysfunction.

Human sexual response is very complex and affects the whole body, including the mind. We treat any sexual and/or relationship issue you may have that is preventing you from a satisfying sex life. For example, we treat vaginal/vulva pain, low desire, in ability to orgasm, addiction, and sexual trauma. We can help women with these issue even if they are single and not currently having partnered sex.

How long will the therapy take?

Therapy is a process that takes time. On average, six months is about the length of time a client takes to achieve their goals.

Six months is only an estimated average based on patient experience. How long therapy takes is really up to you and how much you need to work on to achieve your overall goals. Some people could take years while others need just a few sessions.

Therapy is a process but is highly effective in treating sexual issues if given time.

What’s the benefit of seeing a sex therapist compared to a couples or individual therapist?

At CHMHST, we have specialized training and depth of knowledge about sex and relationships that all other therapist simply do not have. We know the science of sexuality and keep up with sexual research in order to provide you with the most knowledgeable therapeutic experience.

Female sexual function is one of the many areas we are experts in. Our therapists have been trained to understand and help our female clients not only regain their function and sensation but free their mind of anxiety hindering one’s sexual experience

Talking about sex can be embarrassing and difficult, how can you make me feel more comfortable?

Sex is not a topic many people feel comfortable with and when it comes to their own sexuality it’s even harder and scarier to talk about.

We understand your fear but be reassured we are professionals. We are trained to understand the difficulties people have with sex and empathetic to how difficult as a topic this can be. Be assured we will never judge you and are knowledgeable about even the most adventurous of sexual behaviors. We promise to never yuck your yum.

We achieve this by listening to each individual client. We understand that the true experts about our clients are the clients themselves. We take the clients strengths and positives both in and out the bedroom and make them stronger and more defused in all parts of their lives. We take the negatives and the what each clients sees as the problem and work there. We believe in sexual diversity and understand we have right to free sexual expression among consenting adults.

What other services do you offer?

  • We offer Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy for people looking to heal trauma.
  • We offer couples and marital counseling
  • Workshops on sexuality

How can I schedule an appointment?

To schedule an appointment please call our office at 240-449-4347 or email us at


Find out more about how sex therapy for women can start improving your life both in and out of the bedroom, by building confidence, and enjoying healthier, stronger relationships today!

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