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Sex therapy is a form of psychotherapy designed to address concerns about sexual function, sexual feelings and intimacy


AASECT Certified Sex therapists are different from family therapists in two basic ways:

  1. We have greater than average knowledge about the physiological processes that are a part of human sexuality.
  2. We have a deeper understanding of how to help patients reconnect with their bodies emotionally.

Sexual issues must be resolved by specifically addressing them. Simply working out communication and other issues will not heal the sexual issues that are also hampering the relationship

Holistic Gestalt Therapy


At the Center for Holistic Mental Health and Sexual Therapy, we practice a holistic form of sex therapy that relies on Gestalt therapy. “Gestalt” means “body” in German – it means to be whole. If there is trauma, we (as humans) tend to disassociate the bad parts of us and the bad things we’ve done, and we keep those separate from our body.

Our goal is to help you reconnect with those “separated parts” of yourself, especially emotionally.

During a sex therapy session we might ask, “How does that feel? How do you feel discussing that?”

Our questions are very emotion-based, because we want you to recognize your emotions and feel it in your body, not just in your mind or genitals. That recognition helps you become more present and aware of what you’re experiencing.

There are some other aspects of awareness that are included in sex therapy sessions, when appropriate. We teach meditative practices, breath work, and mindfulness. Tantra can be used to help people become more aware, conscious, and present.

We aim not to change your sexuality, but help you learn to enjoy it without guilt, shame, or anxiety. 

We are not here to judge you, we are here to help you

At the Center for Holistic Mental Health and Sexual Therapy we are here to help you, no matter where your sexual orientation lies on the LGBT continuum. We do not judge you. Instead, we approach sex therapy from a rigorous scientific perspective, not an ideological perspective.

If you are ready to start building a passionate, loving, emotionally connected, and stronger relationship, take that next step and set up your first sex therapy appointment.

Find out more about how sex therapy for men can start improving your life both in and out of the bedroom, by building confidence, and enjoying healthier, stronger relationships today!

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