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Chakra Breathing Exercise

The Chakra Breathing Exercise is a mediation designed to be a partnered mediation. Meditating with your partner is little different than meditating alone; the objective is basically the same with a twist. Meditation is supposed to bring balance, presence, clarity of mind, and calm one’s emotions.

Partnered Meditation

Alone, this is achieved by retreating inward deep into your body and becoming one with the body. Partnered meditation is about connecting, being present, emotional alignment, and exchanging energy with your partner. In partnered meditation those objectives are achieved by opening yourself up to your partner and becoming one with your partner.

Chakra Breathing Exercise

The Chakra Breathing Exercise is about moving energy in a loop between you and your partner’s chakras. This creates touch and heat causing the chakra to open, allowing energy to flow, and unleashing the power of the chakra.

There are seven chakras, each with a different job. For example, the second chakra is located around the center of your pubic hair line,  just above the genitals. When open, it releases a person’s sexuality and pleasure turning one’s energy into sexual energy.

The beauty of this exercise is its unpredictability. Since each chakra does such a wide range of things, the experiences will be just as wide ranging. Depending on the chakra being touched; a person can become more open to romantic, sexual, and many other good feelings and sensations.

Despite its unpredictability you count on this exercise to increase intimacy and connection with your partner, relax both of you, relieve tension, and can even increase arousal. For folks with issues with achieving orgasm, and sexual arousal this exercise can help get you there. Being more relaxed and less tense will also help reduce pain.


The exercise is best done in a quiet place where you can be alone together. The exercise can be done sitting or standing. However, I find the “lotus position” works the best since it creates many points of skin to skin contact.

Skin-to-skin contact is vital for the success of this exercise. Being nude, or as close to nude as comfortable, is preferable when doing this exercise.

  • Start by sitting or standing face-to-face.
  • Move as close as possible.
  • To get into the “lotus position” sit like you are sitting backwards in a chair, however your partner’s lap is the chair. Then, wrap your legs around each other’s hips.
  • Begin deep breathing with your partner.
  • Once settled, place your hand on one of your partner’s chakras.
  • Your partner will place one of their hands on top of your hand that is touching your partner’s chakra.
  • Then your partner places their other hand on one of your chakras.
  • Place your other hand on top of your partner’s hand touching your chakra.
  • Follow direction for Circular breathing.
  • As you exhale send the breath to your partner’s chakra.
  • As you inhale bring your partners breath toward your own chakra.
  • You may switch chakras as you please.

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David Fishman

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