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One reason sex in long-term relationships loses its excitement and becomes routine, is a lack of playfulness. As children we were free from the burden of responsibility, a freedom that as we grow into adulthood we are unable to enjoy.

We yearn for just a taste of those feelings we had when we were kids playing games on the playground.

The fact is the place for this is in the bedroom. Sex is not about intercourse, sex is about play and being free to indulge in you and your partner’s pleasure.

Adding games like role-play and strip poker will, to quote Chef Emeril Lagasse, help you “Kick it up a notch.” The Mirror Game is one such game, that can bring the fun back to your sex lives.

A New Game

The Mirror Game is a fun game I played in improv classes. The game works on many skills required for improv like anticipation, flowing movements, rhythm, and non-verbal communication.

The beauty is sex and improv uses similar skills, making this a perfect exercise for improving your sex life. Improv, like sex, begins with some sort of initiation and basic structure, then takes on a mind of it own.

There is an old myth, that you can see how a person is in bed by seeing their moves on the dance floor.  That’s because people who can dance have rhythm and flowing movements, much like what is important to having good sex.

The Objective

The objective of the Mirror Game is to move together with your partner as if you are looking into a mirror. The ideal is to move so cohesively that one could not tell who is the lead and who is the mirror.

Here is the tricky part: no talking and your eyes must be gazing into each other.  The movements by the mirror must be done using anticipation.

As a result, the leader must move in a way that is easy to anticipate because it flows.  To make this erotic, ditch the clothes and do it completely nude with your partner. One more thing – NO TOUCHING.


  1. Make a space so there is enough for both of you to move.
  2. Choose who will be leader and mirror first. After each turn switch roles
  3. Stand facing each other with your hands out palms facing your partner.
  4. Take a deep breath together and begin.
  5. Move your hands as close as possible to your partner’s hands without touching.
  6. Leader begins to move and the mirror does the movements as a reflection.
  7. You may move in anyway with any part of the body as long as the other person has that part of the body.
  8. Go for as long as you can until the mirror is broken or breaks the synchronization of the movements.
  9. No criticism, talking, touching or jerky movements are allowed.
  10. Remember this is not a competition so do not try and trip up your partner.
  11. Start off slow and work toward more and more advanced movements.
  12. Music can help really heat the game up and each turn is a song.

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David Fishman

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