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Slippery When Wet: What You Need To Know About LubeLubrication at any point when touching anyone’s genitals is a must. Never touch a person’s most sensitive parts with dry hands, toys, or other genitals. Irritation and friction burns do not feel so good and without lubrication that’s exactly what you are doing to your partner.

Lubrication is not all the same

A good lube is a must-have in your nightstand, but not any lube will do. Buying lube is not as simple as one might think because there are so many different lubes to choose from, and all have both positives and negatives to consider before using.
Lubes are made from four basic bases:

  • Oil
  • Silicon
  • Water
  • Hybrid (water/silicon mix).

Oil based lubes include products made from lotions, petroleum jelly, plant oils, and mineral oils. Water and silicone come in many different types as well.

Oil-based Lubrication

Oil based lubes are great for stimulating the penis, but not the vagina, vulva, or the anus. They can be used with plastic and silicone toys, but are not compatible with any form of latex including latex condoms. Oil breaks down latex causing the latex to lose its strength and durability. So if you are using a latex condom with an oil-based lube, the condom will break, leaving you and your partner at high risk of a STI or an unintended pregnancy. Oil based lubes are great for massaging the penis and the external body. Used inside the anus or vagina can leave a residue that can breed bacteria and yeast. One exception is coconut oil. It can be used internally because it has anti-microbial properties, but it will still damage latex products.

Silicon-based Lubrication

Silicon based lubricants are great. Silicon is a really large molecule that cannot be absorbed into the body making them long lasting and non-toxic. Silicon based lubes will not harm latex and will increase the effectiveness of latex condoms. They do have huge drawbacks though. First they can damage silicon toys. They can also be messy and hard to clean. Silicon lubes are also expensive but they do last longer so you will use smaller amounts.

Water-based Lubrication

Water based lubes are the only type safe for all sexual situations. First they are cheap and can be bought at most drug stores and supermarkets. All water-based lubricants increase the effectiveness of latex condoms.

It is recommended to use a water based lube when using a latex condom.

Water based lubes are safe to use with any toy material. Cleaning up is easy because all you need is water maybe a little soap. It is completely non-toxic if ingested and even can come in flavors. Water based lubes can be irritating to genitals and anus depending on the ingredients. Some ingredients can even trigger an allergic reaction.
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David Fishman

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