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The summer is a great time to spice things up in the bedroom. After a long brutal winter it’s time to for nature to crank the heat outside. Here are 5 ways to bring the heat into your bedroom.

1. Play Outside

Being playful is key factor in maintaining the erotic passion in the bedroom. A key to great sex is being playful since sex is supposed to be fun and being playful is just fun. We forget as adults how much fun it was to be child playing outside. Kids find all sort of inventive ways to have fun outside. As adults we need to let that inner child loose with our partner/s. To really heat things allow the erotic play to flow into the play with your partner/s. One more thing, laugh, laughter is very sexy in and out of the bedroom!
Example activities:

  • Catch Me If You Can− Go to a secluded area and play catch me if you can and when you catch each other, let the passion loose.
  • Run through a sprinkler− As a child it was so much fun running through sprinklers. As adults we can have just as much fun. To really bring the heat make out under the sprinkler like you are kissing in the rain.

2. Go for walk

Take a walk with partner hold hands and make it romantic (No pets and No kids). If you want to be a daring, take a walk to a place that is private and make out. The woods a hidden path late at night all great place to go with your partner/s.

3. Skinny Dipping

Find a lake and go skinny dipping- I don’t think any explanation is need here, just remember being nude in public can land you in hot water, and be careful that no one is around.

4. Ditch The Kids

Time with you and lover/s is vital to maintaining and a healthy relationship. Get a baby sitter and go outside enjoy time together.

5. Sun bathing

All sorts of fun can be had on a blanket in the sun with your lover/s.

The key to any of these activities is to let loose and be present with your partner/s. Be sexy and free if you allow the inner child loose in an erotic way with your partner, I promise one thing fun. We must let are selves be free from the stress and burdens of everyday adulthood and go have some child like fun. As add bonus it will reduce stress and provide a moment of freedom most have not experienced in years.

David Fishman

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